“Broad Class – Listen to Learn” program has proved itself as a revolution in development sector for providing quality education through social change in behaviors. The program is documented in ARNEC resource pack titled “Innovative Pedagogical Approaches in Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) in the Asia-Pacific region” which is a joint initiative of UNESCO Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau for Education (UNESCO Bangkok) and the Asia-Pacific Regional Network for Early Childhood (ARNEC) in collaboration with UNICEF and the World Organization for Early Childhood Education (OMEP).


Attractive readers and teacher’s guides are also provided to teachers during training of active learning pedagogy. The teachers’ guide help teachers in lesson planning and suggests pre-and post-broadcast learning activities to enable students to apply lesson, further reinforced by readers.



Audio lessons developed are uniquely suited to communities with little to no access English to visual technology or materials, such as internet, TV, or illustrated books, and assume availability of only low cost, indigenous material. Scripts increase opportunities for absolute beginner English Learners (ELs) to engage in comprehension, expression, language study, fluency, and utilization activities. Short pauses are built into the scripts, for participation through responding verbally and physically.


Big and small printed and audio stories that created opportunities for children to have a personal subjective encounter with English, accommodated to their particular context, backgrounds, and resources, which boosted each child’s imagination.


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Radio is the main tool used for “Broad Class – Listen to Learn” program. Special wooden radios with dry re-chargeable batteries, built-in sound system, and USB/memory card options are provided to classrooms. Due to public broadcast and accessibility, it makes educational inputs accessible to a highly mobile population on a sustained basis.


Third-party evaluation was commissioned by Ilm IDEAS to carry out detailed assessment of project “Broad Class – Listen to Learn” Interactive Radio Instruction program on the key evaluation parameters of relevance, effectiveness, sustainability and impact. The evaluation employed a mixed mods approach and used both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.

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POWER99 works to support ecological protection and, to do so, it has worked in wastewater, water supply and solid waste, as well as the importance of the municipal infrastructure development in general. It has also empowered children and youth targeting age group of 5-50 to take part in environmental protection, and awareness campaignsOn 14th august the independence day of Pakistan, Radio News Network and Power99 in collaboration with Keen for Green and the traders associations of G-11 Markaz arranged a Green Pakistan, Clean Pakistan March, to clean the Markaz from plastic.

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