Lieutenant General Nadeem Ahmed (Retired) CEO of the National Disaster Risk Management Fund meeting with Power99  CEO Mr. Najib Ahmed, Managing Director Ms. Fakhira Najib and COO Mr. M.M Gurmani discussing Power99 services , Success stories and developning synergies for future partnership.

“Power99 has potential and experience of “acting to sensitize the mitigation organizations and to “prove itself a reliable source of usable information for crisis mitigation.” CEO Power99 Mr. Najib Ahmed

Power99 has a fair history of providing services during 2005 earthquake, Swat war on terror, idps’ crisis in 2009 and floods in 2010-2011. Power99 launched Integrated Crisis Mitigation Program and played a vital role in educating the public about crisis, warning of hazards; gathering and transmitting information about affected areas; alerting government officials, relief organizations, and facilitating discussions about  Health and Environment Situation Analysis (Sanitation, Water, Latrine, Viral Diseases, Mosquitoes & Related Diseases) to support ecological protection. It helps people understand and address the impact of global warming, increases “climate literacy” among young people, encourages changes in their attitudes and behavior, and helps them adapt to climate change related trends.

In response to COV-19’s disruptive impact on the education system of Pakistan, POWER 99 Foundation has pioneered speecial program  “PARHAI CARO-NA”. The broadcast includes  educational sessions, enabling the children, that are confined to the safety of their homes, to keep up with their Education and awareness regarding COV-19. Medical advice from qualified experts will better educate listeners and spread awareness regarding the pandemic.

By Reema Naqvi


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