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POWER99 Foundation is registered as a non-profit development organization under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984. POWER99 Foundation has undertaken to follow a democratic, non-political, and transparent system, with the overarching principle of promoting equal opportunities for women & children.  POWER99 Foundation uses an integrated participatory approach, which is free from any biases of gender, caste, religion, or color and which, involves all stakeholders. Its long-term goal is to promote a culture of peace and coexistence to strengthen democracy as a system of government to resolve conflicts in Pakistan.  Its short-term goal is to support promising organizations and networks that are promoting a more tolerant, plural, and peaceful society.


POWER99 Foundation envisions an educated and non-violent society in Pakistan where people respect diversity, and human rights and resolve their conflicts non-violently.


POWER99 Foundation’s mission is to transform the education system as an effective tool for modern knowledge, alleviate poverty and develop a social Institute of Community Empowerment and non-violent behaviors for peaceful coexistence.

For ensuring the successful execution and operation of its programs and projects, POWER99 Foundation has a well-functioning office in Islamabad and project offices in Abbottabad andVehari. All offices of POWER99 Foundation are managed by the experienced and well-qualified staff and equipped with high-tech operational facilities which are a prerequisite for supporting the effective execution of projects in these geographical areas. Our existing staff members possess the experience and expertise in providing training, administrative, financial, and logistic support as well as identifying areas for capacity building.POWER99 Foundation has made a sizeable investment in creating a professional working environment for its consultants and staff. The organization values its partners and maintains extensive links with innovative development projects, experts, and donors for supporting holistic and sustainable development in Pakistan.

Alongside other operational facilities, POWER99 Foundation has established a brand “Radio News Network (RNN)” at its head office, which is a professional body for multimedia content development for the partners. RNN provides its partners with people-centered, right-based, and conflict-sensitive news and informative content.  RNN works truly with the right-based developmental conflict-sensitive approach, covers the events that directly affect the target audience, and reflects the organization’s specific tone, style, and philosophy of social change. RNN is also producing documentary features, and reports and offering training for its partner organizations. It is Pakistan’s independent radio broadcast news provider that works with a truly developmental approach.  RNN produces and shares syndicated materials to a network of FM radios.  Co-production is also done with other FM radio channels.,


RNN has produced daily Roundup stories, News bulletins, and a series of programs on Human Rights, Minorities, child abuse, transgender rights, and reproductive health which were aired through Partner FM channels in Punjab, Sindh KPK, and Baluchistan to raise awareness and acquire information/opinion from the community. Moreover, Women’s role has been downplayed in decision making, which naturally resulted in undemocratic gender disparity and systematic discrimination against women. The exclusion of women from the peace process directly discriminates against half of the population and deprives them of engagement in constructive political change and the promotion of peace and love.


POWER99 Foundation’s activities have been recognized at the National and International levels, having been awarded the following medals and prizes:

  • First Prize in Most Innovative Development Project category during 17th annual Global Development Network conference held on (18th of March 2016) for educational program “Broad Class – Listen to Learn” Interactive Radio Instruction Program.
  • The Broad Class program is documented as innovative pedagogical approaches via a resource pack (DVD contains video documentation of innovative pedagogical approaches)  in the Asia Pacific region by ARNEC/UNESCO to support ECCE practitioners, researchers, international development partners, and policy development professionals
  • “Broad Class – Listen to Learn” was selected for paper presentation in Symposium —The Study Group on Language at the United Nations as Sustainable Success in Pakistan” for highlighting language issues for sustainable development of vulnerable populations.
  • The program was also selected for presentation at the Global Perspectives conference held at Mary Mount University, Arlington, VA under “Inclusive strategies for all learners” a Culturally-responsive Instructional Practice using Interactive Radio Instruction in Pakistan: Two Case Studies.


Areas of Specialization:

Literacy, Education, Gender issues, Child Labour, Health, Human Rights, Climate/Environment, Community Development, Local Resource Mobilization, Content Development and Production, Material Development, Surveys, Crisis Mitigation, Linkages with other Civil Society organizations, Provincial and District line departments; Universities; Agencies, small NGOs and Public-Private Partnership


To pursue its social change philosophy POER99 Foundation has conceptualized, produced, and implemented various programs as its areas of specialization.