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Title: “Future is not determent by the stars, but by our own sweat


Host (Bilal Danish): Hello, dear listeners! Welcome to the program Awaaz Dosti from the studio of Power 99. Today in our program I will introduce you to Ismail Sami, who runs an English academy for Afghan children in Swabi. InIn this regard, let’s listen, to a report from our correspondent, Inam-ul-Haq. technical support by Zeeshan.

Inam-ul-Haq: Listeners, I talked to Ismail Sami about the education of Afghan children in Swabi to know how much interested he is in child education and how he came up with the idea of ​​opening an academy.

Sami: My name is Ismail Sami. I have set up an academy for Afghan children.  I came up with this idea because English is an international language and its need is felt wherever you go and in whatever field you join like engineering .medical or higher education. It provides opportunities for economic benefits; it’s not possible to make progress without this language.

How many students do you have?

I currently have about 150 to 170 students.

How much fee do you charge in your academy?

You know what the financial condition of these Afghan children is. Many of the children here are either orphans or belong to very low-income families and, quite understandably, they cannot pay fees. I realized that I could teach them even though it was very difficult for me to do so. I’m trying my best that they could continue with their education.

Problems here are quite visible. The building of this academy is unpaved and consists of only two rooms and without many facilities. I want to make it bigger but being Afghan I am not allowed to buy property. The cost is also very high. I am trying to get permission so that I can enroll and educate more children.

Where do you see this academy in the future?

I want to make it an advanced-level institution to attract more students as many children want to join it.  I want here computer labs and provide presentations and screens for presentations so that we can do live sessions from here and with other teachers from different places. Moreover,  we want here facilities like radio instruction for listening skills and teaching.


Do other people in the area also think that there is a need for such facilities for Afghan children?

Yes, there are many children here who need to be provided educational facilities and many of my friends want to expand this work. A friend of mine has studied computer science and he like others also wants to open a computer academy.

Inamul Haq: Thank you very much.

Host: Listeners. As you listened, Ismail Sami told Inam-ul-Haq how, despite the mountain of difficulties, he is developing children’s intellectual capabilities and contributing to his community. How many children are interested in it and what he wants to do in the future. And, it is a fact that English is an international language, and learning this language is essential for the better future of children.  If his academy expands further, many more children are able to learn the English language, which will help them in getting higher education and employment. With these words, I will beg to leave. Goodbye!

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