POWER99 Foundation pioneered the “Broad Class – Listen to Learn” ECD program to improve the quality and access to education in marginalized areas with low Net Enrolment and high dropout rates using the Interactive Radio Broadcast methodology. With a vision of a prosperous Pakistan through equal access to quality education. 

BroadClass (IRI) is an instructional methodology that combines an audio component, delivered by an “audio teacher” by radio, audio cassette, or MP3 player, with learning activities carried out by students, and facilitated by the classroom teacher. Its focus is on improving educational quality as opposed to access, which requires active learning and purposeful teaching practices. Educational content is organized and distributed across lessons so that learning is built upon prior knowledge through “scaffolding”. Learning activities are tied to measurable learning objectives. The radio “characters” model the activities and problems first before students carry them out, linked through storylines, music, and other attributes.  Successful programs require careful development, including audience research, focus groups, and field-level formative evaluation to make sure audio lessons and learning activities are engaging, contextually relevant, and effective in promoting learning. This process, which goes through several iterations, is illustrated in the figure below.

Master plan

The program BroadClass is documented as Resource Pack by UNESCO (ARNEC). Demonstrating how a radio-delivered pedagogical approach can improve literacy, numeracy, and healthy habits among young children in Pakistan.


BroadClass Lessons

A child’s motivation and readiness towards primary schooling have strong links to quality ECE interventions in school. The factor of Low access rates in the public sector is due to the absence of delivery of quality education which has convinced parents to shift their children to private schools. Realizing this fact, Since 2012, POWER99 Foundation is working on Early Childhood Development, sustainable economic development, and skill development across Pakistan with a vision to create a sustainable society for future generations. POWER99 Foundation has introduced human-centered, culturally, and geographically relevant interventions across Pakistan. ECD programs promoted  the optimal development of children, from the time they are conceived to the age of eight, and have a lasting and significant impact on their lives The Integrated Health   and of Education, 3– 5 aged children are provided a learning environment to ensure holistic development along with the Training and Capacity Building of principals along with teachers and Parents Teachers Councils (PTC) on ECE and its significance in child development 120 Kindergarten  classrooms in the 45 schools of Federal Directorate