It is Radio News Network’s program that is broadcast live every Saturday from different parts of the Potohar region. The unique aspect of this radio show is that the program’s video is shared on RNN’s YouTube channel, Twitter and Facebook.

The name Suno motto is a play upon the legal term Suno moto. The term is employed when the court takes voluntary action on an issue in the interest of the public, without waiting for someone to seek its verdict through litigation.

suno Moto

Taking its inspiration from the legal term, RNN a partnership of radio stations with a civic agenda has started Suno moto to initiate debate through the open public forums in community spaces to hold accountable local government systems and authorities responsible to bring relief to people in relation to their rights and grassroots issues and problems.

The RNN team visits a Union Council in Islamabad and engages with the local residents, councilors, community elders, and community activists to discuss a host of issues relevant to the public interest. The program that has become our radio’s flagship initiative has so far taken up immediate concerns like environmental issues, water pollution, scarcity of water, lack of facilities for higher education, poor infrastructure, non-availability of facilities like natural gas, health centers, hygiene and sanitation, transport issues, etc.

The environment is an issue that is close to our hearts and we seek to create awareness about the alarming levels of development that is not sustainable, leaving our future generations without any hope or a better tomorrow. This helps highlight and bring  the voice of people – with a focus on local solutions for local problems – to decision-makers and compel them to take action against mindless, unplanned development that flies in the face of government’s and official oversight and responsibilities  to the citizenry, carried out in violation of commitments both constitutional and international

One of our success stories is that the deputy mayor of Islamabad Mr. Zeeshan Naqvi who participated in Sun moto liked the model so much that he started hosting a program Bolo Islamabad on Power 99 as a follow-up to Suno moto to take calls from residents and take up their issues.

RNN’s team started the program as a pilot in the Pothohar region. The feedback has been very positive and the results are very encouraging, the team is now working on rolling out a program to the other regions as well.

Suno Moto

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Suno Moto

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Suno Moto

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Suno Moto

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