POWER99 Foundation has been awarded for excellence in solution, innovation and industry expertise at the National and International level.

“Broad Class – Listen to Learn” Interactive Radio Instruction Program won First Prize in the Most Innovative Development Project category during the 17th annual Global Development Network conference held on (18th of March 2016).

Broadclass program is the winning innovation of the 4thAnnual Multi-Stakeholder Forum on Science, Technology, and Innovation for the SDGs 2019 at UN headquarters, USA

UN Image Final

The program is the winner of TESOL The Mary Finocchiaro Award for Excellence in Nonpublished Pedagogical Materials Award, 2018.


UNESCO Headquarters and SIDA collaborated Effective Literacy and Numeracy Database (LitBase) and organized  a webinar on “Understanding lifelong learning opportunities and policies for refugees, migrants, and internally displaced persons”  about how technology has supported literacy and education opportunities for refugees, migrants, and internally displaced people and feature the findings from our report (which did look at Broad Class, among other case studies)

“Broad Class – Listen to Learn” Interactive Radio Instruction program has been featured and uploaded onto UNESCO’s Effective Practices Database: LitBase as one of the newly featured cases:


Ms.Fakhira Najib, Chief Executive of the Power99 Foundation has been declared the Innovator of the month by hundred, (Finland)

Inovator Of The Month

“Broad Class – Listen to Learn” is one of the 100 Innovations for 2020 by a global hundrED organization. Honorary Consular of Pakistan to Finland Mr. Wille Eerola Congratulated Broadclass team

HundrED Summit in Helsinki.
HundrED Summit in Helsinki.

The News International printed news on April 2, 2018, about receiving the Mary Finocchiaro Award for excellence in non-published pedagogical materials, 2018 from TESOL International Association during TESOL 2018 convention.

The news Published a report on Broadclass

IMPACT STORY “How Broad Class is Scaling Their Impact in Rural Communities31.3.2020 | BY FAKHIRA NAJIB AND ROMAYNE JAVANGWE

Read to Write

Radio news network and Voice of America Urdu’s collaborated production Sada-e-Jahan aired a special report on Broad class: listen to learn

DW, program Global 3000, telecasted a report on the “Broad Class – Listen to Learn” and declared it a “minor revolution in the field of education” in Pakistan.

Broadcast Listen to Learn, an Interactive Radio Instruction program is featured during Remote Radio Week 1-5 November Organized by UNESCO. Session: “Audio everywhere” Resource: ” How Radio Can Ease Universal Access to Education and Information

Connect on air

The education ministry, POWER99 Foundation joins hand search 02, 2021 edition

Education ministry, POWER99 Foundation

COVID-19 Reimagine Learning Challenge Winner How to Turn your COVID-19 Response into a Full-Time Offering”.

hundrED Webinar

A short Video on the “Broad class: listen to learn” program developed by “The Communicators Pvt Ltd.” in collaboration with “Ilm Ideas2” which declared it as a solution for promoting interactive learning in the classroom through interactive radio instructions.

Harvard Graduate School of Education enlisted the POWER99 Foundation team for its Executive Education Program” Scaling for Impact: Strategies to Enhance and Expand What Works in Education”, ​ 2020.

The program “Radio, My Best Friend” has been highlighted by Education Above All Foundation in its report “BEYOND SCHOOL WALLS: INSPIRATION FROM DISRUPTION”. The report features 11 case studies of such organizations and initiatives where learning happens in the most marginalized communities regardless of their technological readiness.

Broadclass listen to learn Parhai Caro Na” program featured in Urdu news (19 June 2020)

Urdu point

Qatar TV alarabyTV reported the program Broadclass Listen to Learn

POWER99 Foundation has been selected for the second round of “From Radio to Artificial Intelligence:  to be featured in UNESCO’s Effective Literacy and Numeracy Database (LitBase)as a case study on  24th September 2020, UNESCO project “From Radio to Artificial Intelligence: Innovative Literacy Learning and Education for Refugees, Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons”.

Effective Literacy and Numeracy Practices Database – LitBase

The Nation published news about Broadclass Program

‘Listen to Learn’ ranked best system

Pakistan Observer encouraged and appreciated the program “Parhai Caro na”

Parhai car-na

Girls.pk Story on madaris workshop – December 24th, 2019

How You Can Take Action This Universal Children’s Day! Hundred mentioned Broadclass listen to learn in the World children’s day article

How You Can Take Action This Universal Children's Day!

‘Broad Class-Listen To Learn’ Pakistan Makes It To The HundrED: Technology Revolutionizing Education In Pakistan (phone world article on broadclass regarding hundred 2020 yearbook collection)

Broad Class-Listen To Learn’ Pakistan Makes It To The HundrED

Pakistan’s Broadclass among the world’s 100 global innovations on the nation newspaper (14th November 2019)

Pakistan’s broadclass among world’s 100 global innovations

Pakistan Observer published news about Broadclass on 14th November 2019

Pakistan Observers Broadclass among world’s 100 global innovations

Without the basic levels and access to education, no one can succeed How The Radio Can Reach The World’s Most Vulnerable Children HundrED Change Published an article About Broadclass – Listen to Learn under Numeracy, Literacy & Basic Skills Theme 1st September 2019 | BY JOSEPHINE LISTE

How the Radio Can Reach The Word

Breaking the Barriers Interview published in The News International

The News Breaking The barriers

Broad class – Listen to Learn program has been featured in Hundred Innovation Summit’s published article on their media site as “Five of the HundrED 2019 Global Innovations, in their own words

Broadclass listen to learn HundrED

Broadclass: listen to learn the Presentation on the launch of the Global Children’s Peace Pledge project.  At Peace Palace Hague, Netherlands

Jang news Highlighted the program Broadclass Listen to Learn

Broad Class – Listen to Learn” program was selected for paper presentation in Symposium -The Study Group on Language at the United Nations as Sustainable Success in Pakistan for highlighting language issues for sustainable development of vulnerable populations in the May 2017 symposium.

AAJ TV video report on the “Broad Class – Listen to Learn” program 26 April 2016

BBC Urdu News (TV) telecasted a special story about the program and declared that it is the program that can help Pakistan in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), as Pakistanis trailing far behind in education.

The Express Tribune published an article on broad class: listen to learn program as “Listen and learn: Initiative to improve primary education” on June 01, 2014

Express tribune

UNESCO’s institute of statistics (UIS) in its fact sheet-presenting report on out-of-school children and Adolescents in Asia and the pacific-Left behind on the road to learning opportunities for all” has termed “Broad Class-Listen to Learn” as a best practice educational program to overcome out of school children challenge. September (2015).

Report On Out of School Children

Around The World in SDGs Inter-Council Network | Le Réseau de coordination des Conseils (RCC)Education Through the AirwavesSDG 4 Quality Education aims to achieve inclusive and equitable education, and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. Besides equipping people with the necessary skills, inclusive and equitable quality education for all can also act as a pathway to peace and security. In this week’s episode, we speak to Fakhira Najib, Chief Executive Officer of the POWER99 Foundation whose mission is to transform the education system, alleviate poverty, and help create a society that values diversity and human rights. Learn more about how they harness the reach of radio to actualize their mission.

Nawa I Waqt Urdu Newspaper on 15h November 2019 published news about Broadclass for its selection among 100 global innovations in Helsinki Finland

The program was selected for presentation at the Global Perspectives conference held at Mary Mount University, Arlington, VA under “Inclusive strategies for all learners” a Culturally-responsive Instructional Practice using Interactive Radio Instruction in Pakistan: Two Case Studies. June 9-10, 2017

Broad Class is documented as Resource Pack by UNESCO (ARNEC). How a radio-delivered pedagogical approach can improve literacy, numeracy, and healthy habits among young school-aged children in Pakistan. The approach delivers short, freely available radio broadcasts that include curriculum content through interactive games, songs, and stories. The approach also builds in teacher professional development and ongoing pedagogical supports

Stephen Akroyd, Principal Consultant and Program Director at Oxford Policy Management” congratulated POWER99 foundation for winning the most innovative development project. “A pioneering radio program that broadcasts lessons in Pakistan’s poorest districts- Congratulations to the Power 99! It’s great to see the Broad class project recognized in this way. It has been named the most innovative development project in the world.”